Our secret of getting away from problems and difficulties.

According to the reports of Shabestan news agency in many narrations of infallibles (AS) particularly Hazrat Imam Mehdi (AS) the blessings in the period of disappearance of Imam Mehdi (AS) are mentioned which proves that this personality even in his disappearance is a source of helping this earth and the people living on the earth.

Like the way Imam Mehdi (AS) ) tells us in one of his valuable and blessed hadith that we have not shown any laziness or delay in giving you a protection and we have not forgotten you otherwise you would have fell in difficulties and problems and the enemy would have uprooted you and you would be ended. 

«إنّا غَيرُ مُهمِلينَ لِمُراعاتِكُم ولا ناسين لِذِكرِكُم و لَولا ذلِكَ لَنَزلَ بِكُم اللّأْواءُ وَاصطَلَكُمُ الأَعداءُ.»

( علامہ مجلسی ، بحارالانوار، ج ٥٣، ص ٧٢)