American converted Muslim feels safe to be in Karbala

Jasmine, who lives in Georgia – U.S., said she works with another scarfed woman with whom she feels she is overwhelmed with happiness, because she does not feel she is the only woman wearing the scarf there.

She also said she sometimes goes through hard times in which she reads some holy verses from the Noble Quran and listens to the tragic stories of Ahlulbayt (Peace Be Upon Them); such elements ease her pain and burden.

She then said that the tribulations Ahlulbayt (Peace Be Upon Them) went through were unlike any of the ones ordinary people usually go through.

She said further that she learned and began to adore Ahlul-Bayet (Peace Be Upon Them) through listening to many religious lectures.

Jasmine delivered a message to the interested in visiting Iraq in which she said, "People should not believe what the mass media talk about because it is the opposite of the reality, and visiting Iraq will prove it.”

She, at last, said, "Whenever I think of Karbala, I remember the stories narrating the tragedies that had taken place on the day of Ashura; that makes me cry, and I am proud of being in this blessed spot (Karbala).”