The International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Isfahan aims to discover and develop children’s talents in arts and cinema. Children and youth as well as professional filmmakers are encouraged to attend the festival to promote arts of children cinema and to highlight the role of cinema in caring for children.
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Publish Date: 11 June 2017
Germany, France, Netherlands, Canada, China, Czech, Russia, Denmark, Turkey, Japan, USA, India, Qatar, Bangladesh and Egypt are among countries competing in various categories of the 30th festival.
The festival means to encourage filmmakers to understand children’s delicate world and to engage children in the professional world of cinema. The main focus of the festival is to encourage children and their parents to attend such an international venue. The festival has founded a fan club to inform children and parents about the details of the event to encourage children to attend artistic events of this sort. As of now, more than 12,000 Isfahanees have signed up to the club and the number of the members is expected to exceed 15,000 by the time the festival begins.

In a statement Alireza Rezadad, the president of the 30th International Film Festival for Children and Youth, said the festival will be hosting a major animation competition in the Middle East.
The touristic and artistic city of Isfahan is to host the International Film Festival for Children and Youth from June 30 to July 06. The city will host the festival for four coming years until 2021. Numerous historical sites and museums are located in Isfahan. The Persian-Islamic architecture is globally recognized and is perfected in Isfahan. Being a strategic axis on the way of Silk Road, it inherited is heritage of ancient art, commerce and industries from thousands of years of international traffic. Isfahan is home to people of different religions such as Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrian. That is how Isfahanees are famous for being a symbol of coexistence and tolerance.

Having said all of that, it makes sense why Persians have a proverb to describe Isfahan reading: "Esfahān nesf-e- jahan ast" translating: Isfahan is half of the world.
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