Representative for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Iran, Sivanka Dhanapala, said on Sunday that Iran services in the fields of education, treatment, health and other fields for foreign refugees are admirable.
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Publish Date: 30 January 2017
Dhanapala made the remarks in Tehran on Sunday in a meeting with Bushehr Governor General, Mustafa Salari.

Dhanapala lauded Islamic Republic of Iran for its support for foreign refugees and said implementation of the health insurance plan for foreign citizens and refugees was so successful and its third phase will be implemented soon.

On order of the Supreme Leader of Iran, even those refugees, who have no identity cards may use health insurance services as well, he said.

According to unofficial statistics there are around 1.5 to 2 million foreign refugees without legal identification card in Iran, and the government is providing them with necessary services either.

Dhanapala said during his two-day stay in Bushehr, problems and ways to improve refugees' situation in the province will be considered.

Governor Salari said the province has diversified capacities such as oil, gas, petrochemicals and wide agricultural farms and is hosting noticeable number of foreign citizens, especially from Afghanistan.

Although some of them have no legal documents in the province, 'we are trying to offer them services as well.'

He added that in the past one year, we tried to use their points of view in decision making to remove their problems.

Salari said to present more desirable services to foreign citizens residing in Bushehr province, 'we are fully ready for all-out cooperation with the UNHCR.'

Director General for foreign citizens and refugees in Bushehr Governorate General, Abdolreza Bashiri, said 16 schools and treatment Clinique were built in the province at a credit of10 billion rials.

Implementation of social security insurance projects and training services have had good impact on living condition of the group of immigrants, Bashiri added.

Source: IRNA

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