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Political leader of the Supreme Council of Yemen Saleh Ali al-Sammad said on Monday that “once military operations of aggressors to Yemen’s largest city Al Hudaydah is continued, we will cut off the international shipping route in the Red Sea.”
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Publish Date: 09 January 2018

In a meeting with UN deputy envoy for Yemen Maeen Sharim on Monday, Saleh Ali al-Sammad said, "while Yemeni people die from hunger, they cross our waters with their vessels freely.”

He expressed his readiness to reach an agreement for ending bloodshed and said, "Yemen is ready for bilateral talks in order to end bloodshed and establish stability and security in the region.”

Then, Saleh Ali al-Sammad talked about the latest developments in Yemen especially recent events in Sana’a, adding, "many of those who were arrested in Sana’a events and failed coup d’etat of Ali Abdullah Saleh were released.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, he rejected the allegations of Saudi-led Arabic coalition on the reopening of Al Hudaydah harbor and said, "they claimed to have reopened the port while nothing special has been done up to the present time. They even removed the ships from the harbor.”

Saudi-led Arabic coalition claimed that siege of Yemeni people is due to the prevention of entry of weapons while they have the tools to inspect ships, he said, adding, "accordingly, their justification for their presence of the port is not acceptable.”

He then criticized the role of United Nations and its affiliated units with regard to Yemen crisis and said, "UN has very sensitive role in this regard but it is a matter of regret to say that we have perceived the lackluster and weak performance of this monitpring body.”

Al-Sammad urged UN to play its mediating role to resolve Yemeni crisis.

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