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Speaker of the People's Council of Syria hailed the Islamic Republic of Iran as the main supporter of Resistance Front in combating ISIL terrorism in Syria and across the region.
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Publish Date: 08 January 2018

Hammouda Youssef Sabbagh, the Speaker of the People's Council of Syria, made the remark in a meeting with deputy head of Iran-Syria Friendship Parliamentary Group, Ahmad Salek, on Sunday in Tehran.

During the meeting, Salek congratulated the Syrian official on the recent victories of the Syrian army in the fight against terrorist groups, adding "resistance and unity among the Syrian nation in fighting the aggressors have protected their country from being partitioned.”

"The enemies of the Syrian nation sought to partition and undermine the country, but they failed,” he said.

Salek went on to voice regret over the recent US’ move in recognizing Jerusalem al-Quds as the capital of the Israeli regime, saying that the decision has no credibility and instead, has managed to further unite the Islamic Ummah on the Palestinian issue.

The Syrian official, for his part, thanked Iran for its all-out support to the government and nation of Syria, saying "the victory over terrorist groups in Syria is much indebted to the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

He further maintained that the two countries’ common stances on regional issues and continuous consultations between the two sides will greatly help the stability and peace in the region. 

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