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Iranian researchers managed to design and manufacture abnormal body detection device using infrared waves.
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Publish Date: 05 January 2018

The design is used to detect spinal abnormalities and measure curvature of the back, the report added.

In this method, the infrared sensor is placed at the tip of the pen, so that infrared cameras are placed at 1m distance away of the person.

After performing the calibration on the body, the person who is under test is placed in a static position and tester uses a pencil to incur a light stroke to the anatomical landmarks of the body using the designed pencil. Then, its place is recorded in the software designed for the camera.

Afterwards, kinematic coordinates of the area are obtained using the image processing software and the designed angles are extracted, researchers said, adding, "eventually, the angles, provided in the image processing software, are entered the artificial neural network and are classified into one of the "healthy” and "patient” groups after the pattern was identified.

This equipped system can be used in physiotherapy and treatment centers for corrective movements, so that this device can be used instead of being exposed to the detrimental and harmful rays.

Ability to measure all the anatomical abnormalities of the body is the salient specification of the device in a way that this device is provided with fair and reasonable price for the physician.

The abnormal body detection device has been patented by researchers named "Mohammad Yousefi”, "Elaheh Sa’adatifard” and "Javad Ne’matollahi”, hitting semi-industrial production stage.

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