The 7th edition of a national Quran competition in Qatar titled Eid of Quran” will be organized in the Persian Gulf Arab country from January 23 to 27.
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Publish Date: 03 January 2018

According to al-Arab newspaper, the competition will be supervised by Qatar’s Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs. 

The main objective of the Quranic event is to promote the memorization of the Holy Quran’s verses and Hadiths of the Holy prophet (PBUH) in the country. 

Memorization of short Surahs of the Quran for two groups of beginners and workers has been included in the categories of the competition for the first time this year. 

Participants in this category should memorize the verses of Surahs Zilzal to Nas.

Imams of mosques and winners of the previous national and international Quran competitions are not eligible to participate in the competition, according to organizers.

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