A 'Quran Conference' of wing GIO of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) was conducted at Raut Hall, in Nagpur, India’s Maharashtra stae, on Sunday.
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Publish Date: 03 January 2018

Quran Conference for Women Held in Nagpur, India  

Rizwanur Rahman Khan, who was presiding over the program, said that the Quran is a divine book and shows the best path for all humans.

"It is beneficial for everyone. Hence we must read it, understand it and follow it wholeheartedly in our lives."

Echoing similar views district president of women's wing of JIH Sabiha Hashmi said, "The Quran is a guide of our life. It encompasses all the knowledge in the world. Everything that science is telling us is already there in Quran which was written around 1,400 years ago. So, following it will be beneficial for human kind."

Calling Quran the solution to every problem in life, former CAC member of GIO, Zeba Khan said, " The solution to every single problem exists in this holy book. It leads us towards success. It is so powerful that it can even help the mankind to go to heaven or get saved from going to hell."

CAC member of GIO Aamra Yasmin said that Quran consists of biographies of many eminent personalities and advised everyone to live a life like them. She said, "If we live our life like those individuals, it will help us to get saved from lies, fraud, crudity, evil and others negative thoughts."

While Sana Mubashshira, district president of GIO, conveyed the objectives of the conference, Sadiya Sahar recited verses from the Quran.

In addition to the conference, a Quran exhibition was also organized which was highly praised by all the women and girls. A large number of women and children attended the program.


Source: The Times of India

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