Muslim leaders in Georgia condemned efforts to attribute terrorism to Islam, saying that the phenomenon has nothing to do with any ethnicity, nationality or specific religion.
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Publish Date: 29 December 2017
'Violence, cruelty and torture have nothing to do with Islam. Islam is a religion of peace and kindness. We urge all citizens of Georgia, regardless of their nationality and religion, to protect peace and stability in the country and to unite against violence,” said the religious leaders of Georgian Muslims in a recent statement.

In the statement, it was also noted that the Muslims of Georgia have lived in peace with other confessions for centuries and have contributed to the country’s development, according to the Azeri news agency APA.

The statement came after five suspected terrorists were arrested during an operation in the Chechen-populated Pankisi Gorge.

Georgia, a country in Caucasus, is home to 433,000 Muslims that comprise 9.9 percent of the total population of the country.
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