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A Forest Gate Muslim group spent Christmas day at a church helping the congregation distribute food to the homeless.
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Publish Date: 28 December 2017
Christians and Muslims joined forces to offer a Christmas meal to homeless people in Forest Gate. Picture: Shahid Mahmood

Volunteers from Minhaj ul Quran went to Emmanuel Church, in Romford Road, on Christmas Day.

As well as helping serve food to the homeless, the 35 Muslims also stayed for a service led by Chigor Chike, the church’s vicar.

Group member Shahid Mahmood said they are promoting "social cohesion.”

"The message was love, compassion and understanding for all people,” he said.

"Coming together” with other religious and community groups is important for developing harmony and understanding, he adds.

Minhaj ul Quran will be hosting another meal for the homeless on New Year’s Eve at 8pm at the Mosque and Community Centre at 292 Romford Road where they will be joined by Christians from Emmanuel Church.

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