We should recognize Imam Mehdi (AS) names and biography and we should know that without the knowledge of Imam our responsibilities are not complete.
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Publish Date: 22 December 2017

 in the book named Makail Al Maqaram eighth part of volume 2 tilted (Man's responsibility in view of Imam Mehdi (AS) ) it is said that :

A believer should remember Imam Mehdi (AS) with best name. We should remember Imam Mehdi (AS) while pointing like Imam Mehdi (AS) name is like the name of Prophet (SAWW). Many traditions have been mentioned regarding Sunni and Shia scholars in which it is said that Prophet (PBUH) says about Imam Mehdi (AS) that he is among my son's his name is my name means that allowance in this state means that it is not allowed because of the fear as in condition of fear everything becomes Halal.

Third thing is that to remember Imam Mehdi (AS) in prayers and dua. Fourth thing is to remember Imam Mehdi (AS) in occasions and other events. Fifth is to remember him in hours of fear. Sixth is that to call Imam's name in occasions and events in which there is no fear of calling himself a Shia.

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