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Temel Karamollaoglu, the leader of Turkey’s Felicity (Saadet) Party, called for creation of an Islamic UN to represent Muslim countries and promote peace and justice.
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Publish Date: 20 December 2017

including the US president’s decision to announce Quds (Jerusalem) the Zionist regime’s capital, Karamollaoglu said such moves are made and Israeli occupation of Islamic countries continues because of instability in the Muslim world and lack of unity among Islamic countries.

He said while some 6 million Palestinians live as refugees under very difficult conditions, Muslims around the world should make efforts to ensure the return of Palestinians to their homeland whose capital is the holy city of Quds.

Asked about statements by Muslim governments about the US move, he said mere condemnation is not enough.

To succeed against imperialism, the Muslim world needs actions rather than words, the Turkish political figure said. "Because imperialism only and only recognizes the language of power not words.”

He underlined the need for Muslim unity against imperialism, saying, "We can achieve success by strengthening our unity.”

Karamollaoglu further called for formation of an Islamic UN to represent Muslim countries, strive to establish peace and justice, and fight injustice and colonialism.

Economic collaborations among Muslim states should also develop through foundation of an "organization of economic cooperation among Islamic countries” and creation of a common currency, head of Turkey’s Felicity Party added.

He also suggested that establishing a union for defending Islamic countries and an organization for scientific and cultural cooperation among Muslim states could help boost the ties among the countries and strengthen the Muslim Ummah in the world.

The Felicity Party is a Turkish political party founded in 2001.

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