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Publish Date: 10 December 2017

 Maryam is the Arabic translation for the name Mary. Maryam (Mary) is a very popular name for Muslim girls. Growing up in a Muslim majority country-Pakistan, I can recall that it was pretty common to have girls named Maryam in a class at every school/college. There are Maryams usually in our families or at least in extended families.

The name Maryam is commonly used by Muslim parents for the obvious reason that Muslims revere Maryam-mother of Prophet Jesus (peace be on them). This respect originates for us from the Qur’an itself as the Holy Qur’an talks about high status of Maryam (peace be on her), mentions her by name as a pious lady and role model for the believers, and a chapter is dedicated in her name in the Qur’an.

With this knowledge and understanding, if we ever get to watch a video portraying a Muslim acting disrespectfully towards Maryam (peace be on her) then he is not acting like a Muslim. Not only that disrespecting anyone is inherently wrong, but also because it’s not possible for a true practicing Muslim to do so.

Similarly, if a video shows violence committed on fellow beings by allegedly a Muslim, then of course if true, it’s a crime which is condemnable without any doubt. However, the entire faith or its followers should not be made accountable for actions of an individual and generalizations do no good.

Terrorists/extremists are enemy of humanity.

They hate all those who don’t follow their destructive ideology whether be Muslims or not. The recent Sinai terrorist attack is a perfect example where unfortunately over 300 Muslims died and over 100 were injured.

The news where Muslims lost their lives at the hands of terrorists who happened to be Muslims as well, also deserves strongest condemnation and the victims of terrorism deserve appropriate gesture of solidarity. Every human life is precious and should be protected and valued. If we do that, only then we can truly claim that we condemn all forms of terrorism indiscriminately and we feel for all the victims. Our response to a tragedy should not be guided by the color, race or faith of victims or perpetrator. All that deserves condemnation must be condemned as such.


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