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Washington Post, an American print media giant has reported the extreme human rights violation on the people of Awamia by Saudi rule. It has termed Saudi government as backward, cruel and unjust.
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Publish Date: 09 August 2017

jahady  news reported from Sanaa that Washington post wrote an article about Saudi government ruling like the ages of rocks, usurping people’s right to speak and act upon their free will.

This article points at the province of Qatif, where people of Awamia are suffering a civil war situation. The government forces have trapped the people of the city for fear of their human rights movement.

The city is under siege for several months.

Prince Muhammad bin Salman has declared that by the year 2030 Saudi Arabia will be a modern state, where all the citizens have their basic rights including the right to speak and express. But what the government is doing at present is contrary to what prince has predicted for the future of Saudi Arabia.

This article shared that many citizens have been under detention for no plausible reason. One of Citizen Rayf Badavi has been ordered to suffer most miserably on charge of an independent blog-writer.

 If Saudi wants a tolerant land of peace they must release the 14 Shia activists arrested for participating in protests.

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