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Publish Date: 09 August 2017

Sputnik online that a research institute "Pure Research Centre” has revealed in its survey report that 68% of male American Muslims and 83% of female American Muslim citizens have shared their views that they are being treated with discrimination in America.

57% of people further shared that the present times have given a rise to anti-Muslims sentiment to a next level. And they are fearful of this rise and its advancements.

64% of the Muslims population are not satisfied with the current development in the country, esp. the political spectrum and 74% Muslims shared that they have strong believe that the current President Mr. Donald Trump is not in favor of Muslims and Muslims community living in the U.S.

This survey report is an eye opener for Muslims in the U.S. and for the whole Muslims world.

It is noteworthy that from January 23 to May 2, 2017, the survey report was prepared and to gauge the sentiments of Muslims living in the U.S. some thousand Muslim Americans were asked to participate.

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