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Aal-e-Khalifa forces in various areas of Bahrain have carried out severe clashes with Bahraini revolutionaries and due to attack on kerzkan region, four members of a same family have been arrested.
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Publish Date: 08 August 2017

نتیجه تصویری برای ‪The series of clashes between Bahraini revolutionaries and Aal-e-Khalifa forces have been continued‬‏

Aal-e-Khalifa forces, in order to arrest the demonstrators have attacked Karzkan region and have arrested four members of a same family.

According to received reports Aal-e-Khalifa forces have arrested two brothers named Hassan and Muhammad Makki and their sister Zainab and wife Amin-al-Mansi.

These forces while attacking house of these people have stolen their resources and electronic resources. The people of Satra region have also demonstrated against Aal-e-Khalifa forces and have expressed their concern and solidarity with people of Al-Awamiyah region of Saudi Arabia and therefore they have clashes with Aal-e-Khalifa forces.

Bahraini government have arrested four thousand citizens of this region. These citizens were demanding end of all caliph power, the rule of Aal-e-Khalifa in Bahrain.


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